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Honda Fit 2011 Quick Review

The new 2011 Honda Fit is simply one of the best hatchback car to come out this year. It still offers that fun driving experience with its strong 1.5 liter four cylinder good for 117 horespower and 106 pound-feet torque. The four cylinder engine means you don’t have to worry a lot about spending too much on fuel.

In terms of price, it is ranked as the second out of 34 affordable small cars. This ranking is based on the 33 published reviews of other subcompact cars. It garnered a lot of awards and praises from different the Auto Press industry. It is included in the 10Best list of Car and Driver for third year in a row. Consumer Guide named it as 2011 Best Buy.

Its price starts at $15,100 which can be a bit pricey for the usual small car buyers. Another complaint about this car is its noise. If you are driving down the highway a considerable amount of wind, engine and road noise can be heard inside the car. Despite its drawbacks it is still preferred by a lot of driving enthusiast because of its sharp steering response, 2,500 pound curb weight and its 1.5 liter engine that delivers tons of driving pleasure.


The interior features are perfectly designed for such a small compact car. Two adults can fit easily at the back without any complaints on long and extended drives. This car is also well known for its versatility. The maximum cargo capacity is a surprising 57.3 cubic feet. Almost the same as a small crossover SUV.

This subcompact four door hatchback is available in base and Sport level. With its fuel efficient engine and fun driving experience, this is absolutely one of the best small cars that you can find today.

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